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Our story

A family estate for the past hundred years 

1999 grape harvesting time

The Roots


More than a 100 years ago, Paul Guignon grew jasmine and roses for the perfume industry.
Back then, the estate's morello cherries and grapes were sold to brokers of the wine and spirits industry.

At the end of the 1950s, Paul's son, André, carried on the tradition of harvesting the estate's roses and grapes.
He brought winemaking to the domain, developing exceptional vintages as a private reserve to family and friendly consommation.

At the end of the 90's, Grasse's raw materials producers for the perfume industry underwent an unprecedented crisis forcing the estate to stop growing the Rose de Mai until 2014.

Pascal and his brother Philippe in 1965.

Corine and her daughter in the rosa field in 1990.

André and his grandchildren manual crushing in 2001.

Pascal and his daughter Lauriane manual crushing in 2001.

1990 - 1990


Mas Ricardenque is above all the story of a family passionate about perfume plants and wine.

In 2014, André's son, Pascal, revitalised the cultivation of the Rose de Mai, initiated the marketing of the Mas Ricardenque vintages while respecting the fundamental values of the estate.

Thus, all our productions are organic and natural

Beyond the respect of our terroir, the domain wishes to share what it has of more authentic to offer from its ground to the heart of its flowers and its fruits.

Harvest duos

The spouses

Pauline and Julien

Mother and son

Yvette and Philippe

Grandfather and friend

Marcel and André

Mother and daughter

Lauriane and Corine

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